About Ascend Fitness Inc. is a fitness and lifestyle company based in Chilliwack, BC.

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You’ve come to the right place if you

  • are frustrated with the on-again-off-again “Start over on Monday” diet and exercise rollercoaster
  • are ready to take control over your eating and exercise habits so you can feel strong, sexy and confident… for good
  • want to love the way you look and feel in your clothes (and out of your clothes)
  • want to be truly healthy so you can enjoy life with excitement and energy

Ascend Fitness Inc. is a fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching center in Chilliwack, BC, for men and women who want to reclaim their health and transform their bodies and minds.

Ascend Fitness Inc. is locally recognized for providing permanent results driven programs through evidence based nutrition and individualized fitness programs in a community of professional coaches to support you every step of the way.

Unlike large format gyms that leave you to feeling lost, and ‘one size fits all’ fitness programs, our coaches are highly trained fitness professionals who specialize in providing safe and effective, individualized coaching plans for all fitness levels, including those with injuries, in a private fitness studio you’ll call home.

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Meet Christine

I had always wanted to go to “Boot Camp”, but always thought – “Not me, I could never do that”. It was WAY too early in the morning, I would never be able to keep up with everyone, etc., etc. The excuses were many and some much more creative than others. I grew up a book worm, way too self-conscious to enjoy physical activities. I dreaded P.E. class growing up. (Kids can be so cruel to each other.)

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Core values


  • 1. Professionalism.
  • 2. Steady growth through continuing education, innovative thinking and project implementation.
  • 3. Passion for fitness, health and wellness.
  • 4. Community and support.
  • 5. Exceed expectations.

Mission Statement

To inspire personal change through health and fitness.

I’m Ready To Make The Change

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