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Tanja’s Magical Salad

I’m not kidding- I easily eat this salad 2 times per day. There are a lot of subtle variations to please your taste buds, I’ll include some of them, and of course, feel free to experiment on your own. I even use it as a ‘bed’ for pasta sauces and the like (yep… it can […]

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Ajvar Recipe

Ajvar is a Serbian eggplant and red pepper dip. And it’s DELICIOUS. Growing up, the dip often showed up at BBQs and parties (my dad is from Slovenia, and it was a staple in the Slovenian diet). Of course, I didn’t like it when I was young… probably because I never actually tried it. Once […]

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Which Fats Should I be Eating?

In my last article, I dispelled the myth that eating fat leads to getting fat, or that we should opt for a low-fat diet for better health. If you have not yet read it, I highly recommend going back and reading it. You can find the article at So now you know that fat […]

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“Eat Fat, Get Fat”: The Myth that Lead to the Obesity Epidemic

Eat less, move more. That’s the typical theme behind most diets and weight loss programs. Count our calories, limit them, burn more at the gym and we’ll lose weight, right? The idea of calorie balance for weight loss sparked the notion that we need to restrict fat in our diet. Since fat has more than […]

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How to Eat Healthy When Your Family Does Not

You’ve given your diet an overhaul- said farewell to the processed foods and started eating healthier. You already feel better- happier, healthier and more energetic.  Except there’s just one set back: your family. They’re not ready to swap cheesy white noodles for veggies, or to give up their cookies and chips. Now you find yourself […]

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