The 6 Reports That Will Show You How to Burn Fat, Build Muscle, And Get Into Shape Fast!

FVY 81: How to Get Out of a Funk

I often write about fitness, and nutrition. But living a full, vibrant life is more than exercise and macronutrients. It starts in the mind. Some days are easy. You’re on fire. Focused. Productive. Energetic and happy. And some days, are, well, not. You probably already know what I mean when I say ‘feeling blah’ or […]

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FVY 80: The Two Most Powerful Words

I am… two of the most powerful words in the English language. What comes next shapes your reality.   Your thoughts impact your beliefs, which impact your actions, which impact your results.  I’m coming at you in this quick podcast with a reminder to check in with your self talk!      

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FVY 78: How to Get Results without Relying on Willpower

In my last article, I went over how to strengthen your willpower. Strengthening your willpower is just part of the equation; the other part of the equation is to set up your environment so that you don’t always have to rely on willpower, and reduce the amount of times you draw from your willpower. Let’s […]

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77: How To Get More Willpower

“I wish I had more willpower”, Dianne tells herself as she walks to the pantry after dinner, searching for a bite of chocolate to curb that evening sweet craving. “Just one bite” she thinks as she indulges in the soft, creamy milk chocolate bar. The one bite turns to two, and before she knows it, […]

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76: How to Get Rid of Sugar Cravings

Thank you so much for being here! Really really appreciate it :)  One of the most common struggles my clients have is SUGAR cravings! And I can definitely relate! Join me in this podcast as I dive into WHY we crave sugar, and more importantly what you can do about it! Be sure to download […]

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