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5 Rules to Keeping Slim on Vacation

ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS- AND STAY HEALTHY TOO! Summer is quickly approaching (even though it’s hard to tell this year in the Fraser Valley!), and for many, that means vacation time. Like most people, I love going away on vacations. Whether it’s relaxing at a beach, visiting relatives, backpacking across a foreign country, or camping in […]

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Stay Fit Holiday Quickie

I’m all about efficiency, especially during the holidays!  Like most people, I enjoy the results I get from working out (energizes me, keeps me slim, makes me feel great), but I don’t want to spend hours getting theses results. Here’s a cardio quickie to do.  The workout is designed to be done on the treadmill, […]

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Don’t make these 5 Cardio Training Mistakes

Do you ever hop on a machine for some mindless cardio?  Maybe you listen to music, watch the Last 10 Pounds Boot Camp on Slice TV or read a magazine. I get it… I do the same from time to time.  I know I’m not working out as effective as I could be, but sometimes […]

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High Intensity Cardio & Leg Burn Workout

This workout kicked my butt!  Depending on where you are in your fitness journey, progress or regress each exercise so that you work hard, but you feel good after you are done.   This workout I just used a mat, dumbells and my simple interval timer. Enjoy the workout, and if you’re ready to put some […]

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15 Minute “Beach Body” Workout

I followed all 3 of my ‘vacation workout rules’: 1. Keep the workout short (less than 30 min) 2. Incorporate the local area, whenever possible 3. End the workout, whenever possible, with a swim. This workout I just used a skipping rope (optional), the playground, and my simple interval timer. Here’s the workout: Warm Up […]

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