Corporate Wellness

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Transforming your workplace…

Do you want your employees to genuinely enjoy their time at work? Do you want your employees to put their most focused, productive energy into their tasks and responsibilities?

When you take care of your employees, they will take better care of your business.

You probably are already aware of all the benefits that come from taking better care of yourself. Maybe you’ve even adopted your own health and fitness plan and seen first-hand how it can impact your life. But taking a proactive approach to health and wellness is still a new idea to many employers, and you may be unsure of how to start, or how to offer a successful program that will get results.


Ascend Fitness Corporate Wellness Programs is the Solution.

gary-success-imgPhysical wellness is essential for optimal performance; in life and at work.

The Ascend Fitness team shares a passion for improving the health of our clients and we are excited to bring our results to your workplace. From our Lunch and Learns to comprehensive lifestyle programs, our corporate wellness in Chilliwack program will fit your companies’ needs.

Work with us and discover how our passion for health and fitness, our comprehensive approach to wellness, and expert coaching  provide wellness solutions that bring out your organization’s best.

The best part: we’ll take care of everything. You’re busy running your business. Let us take care of your employee’s health.

Your Return On Investment

Our corporate wellness in Chilliwack program delivers results.   Why invest in a corporate wellness program?

  • You care about your employees, and want them to feel their best.
  • Ascend Fitness Corporate Wellness Programs  are an excellent way to build camaraderie between team members and build workplace morale.
  • Last year Canadians took 100 million sick days… workers who self-report they have ‘average health’ take 9 X as many sick days as employees who report they have ‘good health’
  • 2% of employees with good heath report poor job satisfaction, compared to 18% with high health risks
  • Appeal to top talent during recruitment.
  • Healthy, active individuals make better, more productive employees.
  • Companies with employee wellness programs report significantly lower voluntary turnover rate.
  • Taking a proactive and preventative approach to the health of  employees will help reduce rising health care costs.
  • Employees in wellness programs report fewer sick days, leaves and absences.
  • Ascend Fitness Corporate Wellness Programs is a great way to encourage a healthier, more profitable company.


The Ascend Fitness Difference
  • Our comprehensive wellness programs integrate all components required for success including fitness, nutrition & lifestyle coaching (ex. stress management)
  • Individualized coaching from Chilliwack’s top fitness professionals
  • We offer  Lunch and  Learns as well as ongoing wellness programs to fit your budget and employee needs.
  • Private and group training plans available.Submit the form above and we’ll contact you right away!

Meet Brian Wierks

I had a health scare that made me realize turning 50 and living an unhealthy lifestyle was a recipe for trouble on the back nine of my life. I decided a personal trainer would give me not only fitness guidance and help to reach my goal of living and being more healthy, but also give me some accountability to help stay on the path I had chosen. I specifically chose Ascend Fitness because I had met Tanja through Rotary and I liked her values and trusted her.

I joined Ascend Fitness in September of 2012 and the results were fairly quick as I dropped 10 lbs and legitimately felt better and more energized. When I returned from my Christmas 2012 UK trip to visit family there I realized that the fitness component had reached a stalemate and I needed to address nutrition as well as fitness if I wanted to be successful with my overall health goals. With Nutrition Coaching, I’ve now lost 60 pounds, and have maintained my weight loss for the past 3 years.

Since starting with Ascend Fitness I feel much better, I started running (Sun Run here I come!), eating 4 balanced meals a day rather than 2 not so balanced, and can see the results mount quickly both mentally and physically.