Fitness Bootcamps in Chilliwack

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Here’s WHY Ascend Fitness Boot Camp works:

It’s fun. Seriously.

Reasons to choose
  • You enjoy the camaraderie of other boot campers
  • They’re not a walk in the park
  • You’re accountable
  • We assess and reassess you
  • There’s no dieting
  • They integrate all the components required for success
  • Your training schedule is flexible.  Choose from 20 sessions per week!  If you miss a class, simply make it up the following week.  Get in touch for details!
  • You receive expert guidance
  • You get invited to cool adventures
  • You can one try for free


We constantly challenge your body in new, unexpected ways.

What you need to know
  • Men and women of all ages, and fitness abilities attend.
  • We run both indoor and outdoor sessions depending on the time of year.
  • You avoid the plateau of the gym by constantly challenging the body in new, unexpected ways.
  • Your schedule is flexible.  We have classes from 5:30am to 7:45pm six days a week.

With Ascend Fitness Personal Training in Chilliwack, you'll...

Results Or Your Money Back
  • Make health and fitness a lifestyle
  • Be valued, respected, and cared for
  • Get fast results
  • Get trim, toned and fit so you’ll look great in and out of your clothes
  • Get on a nutrition plan that works
  • Cut down your exercise time in half
  • Double your energy levels
  • Fire up your metabolism
  • Stay motivated to reach your goals
  • Feel great!

Meet Sue

Ascend is not just a gym, it is a community. It is a place where anyone of any age or fitness level can feel comfortable and more importantly they can be successful in reaching their personal fitness goals.

See her story here