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About Stroller Boot Camp

We understand how challenging it can be to fit in a workout when you’re taking care of little ones!  We are happy to offer you a baby & kid friendly workout so you can get, and stay in great shape, without needing to worry about childcare.

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Stroller Boot Camp in Chiliwack combines drills, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, balance and core work to provide you with a full body workout. Benefit from the camaraderie of other moms, dads, and grandparents in the community as you tone your muscles, improve your endurance and boost your energy levels!

This class runs in 8 week sessions on Monday and Wednesdays, 10:30AM.  8 week program: $199 + GST.

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I have met my goal of losing all my baby weight and then some!” -Kristy Grant, Chilliwack, BC

What you need to know

Each workout will include a warm-up (power walking, light dynamic exercises), cardio exercises (power walking, possibly some running and/or plyometrics), strength exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups, and resistance band exercise), core stability exercises, balance training and stretching.

We may do stations, individual or partner exercises, group workouts and drills.

Gift certificates

Looking for a baby shower gift? A gift certificate for a class is the perfect present for that special new mom!

I really like that you cater to the needs of each individual as everyone is different. After a few weeks of class I have already noticed a big improvement in my cardio and strength.”

-Julie Bauer, Chilliwack BC

Meet Melissa

I joined Ascend Fitness in November 2012, because I needed help!! I tried jeans, work and winter clothes on in my closet and just cried. Nothing fit and I was done with it!

Work and life had consumed me and I was at the heaviest I had been since.. ever! I was still active, when I could be, but between working shift work, eating at odd hours of the night, having a very active four year old and trying to find time to sleep… I was beyond physically and mentally exhausted.

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What to bring


  • Come with all your child’s essentials (diapers, food, toys, etc.).
  • If we are outdoors make sure that you and your baby dress for the weather
  • Bring a yoga mat and water for you
  • Each workout will be different, so you will never know what to expect!
  • Your baby or tot can attend class anywhere from 6 weeks old and up.
  • You’ll be encouraged to work at your own pace and take rest breaks as needed.
  • Bring toys and snacks for older tots.

I’m Ready To Make The Change

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