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The fact is, we help people accomplish big, inspiring goals. We help make the process of getting in shape and healthy fun and easier than most people think is possible. And we guarantee everything we do. If you don’t get into the best shape of your life, we give you all your money back. Simple.

A time-efficient, super-effective fat loss and exercise program that is enthusiastically endorsed by dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, police and fire persons, business professionals, and busy parents on the go!

About Takedown Lifestyle
  •  A program that gives you an individually tailored plan designed specifically for you and your lifestyle.
  • Meetings with our expert Nutritionist to help you with support and accountability.
  • Sample meal suggestions along with menus and recipes to ensure your success in reaching your goals.
  • Finally a simple, easy to follow fat loss solution that you’ve been waiting for.

Who Is It For
  • A personalized folder filled with valuable information and how it pertains to you as an individual.  We’ll go over the entire program with you during your initial consultation.
  • Lists to choose foods to create customized meals for your body and to help you reach your goals.
  • Bi-weeky check-ins  for coaching, support and accountability.
  • A daily food journal to hold you accountable to your choices.
  • Recipes for salads, smoothies, and other portioned out meals so you can learn to create meals that work within your body and your lifestyle.
  • Recommendations for cardiovascular and strength training activities.
  • A plan so you can navigate menus at different restaurants and learn how to order with confidence!
  • Graduation from the TDL program: You’ll get a full comparison from start to finish of your achievements and game plan for your future.  You should know everything that you will ever need to know as far as how to take care of yourself nutritionally!

What Can You Expect

The TDL program is so successful because our philosophy is based on balanced nutrition with sensible portion sizes. We do not adhere to the starvation method to help you lose weight. Our motto is “there are no bad foods, just bad portion sizes”. This philosophy gives you tremendous freedom to enjoy the foods that you love. Eventually, anyone who is at all concerned with their health must educate themselves on how to feed their body, not starve it.

Meet Brian

I joined the TDC because for months and months, I was stuck on a plateau and even heading backwards in my weight loss goal of losing at least 50 lbs. I learned a lot of things from the TDC.  I finally know exactly how much food I really need to fuel my body – the right proportions and quantities of protein, carbs, and fat. I learned that multiple smaller meals that are regularly spaced boost my metabolism and help prevent overeating. I have a lot more healthy ideas now for balanced breakfast, snacks, and lunch. Most of the food ideas are easy to remember and assemble. As a result of doing the TDC I lost another 1.5 inches off my waist (for a total of 10 inches) and around 8 lbs. After the TDC, I continued the meal plans and over a week and continued to lose, and finally hit the 50 lb mark

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Truly Individual


TakeDown™ LifeStyle is not a “one-size-fits-all” commercial diet/nutrition plan. It is truly an individually tailored plan that is designed specifically for you and your individual lifestyle.  For $449, it’s the last nutrition program you will ever need.

Ready to get started today? It is very simple – just click the button below for a free consultation to discuss your individual goals and how we can help you achieve maximum results in minimum time.

I’m Ready To Make The Change

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