VIP Membership

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Dear Prospect VIP Member,

First of all, THANK YOU!  I want to thank you for being a part of our team, for working hard, and for being dedicated to your success.  We put a lot of care, thought, and planning into designing our program to give you the best chance for success- but that’s all we can do.  We can give you the tools, the coaching, support and accountability- you have done the rest.

We’ve designed the VIP Membership to acknowledge and reward the men and women of Ascend Fitness who have been consistent in their workouts and have made fitness a part of their lifestyle.

 To qualify to become a VIP Member you must:
1. Have been a member of Ascend Fitness for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.
2. Have consistently attended your workouts, missing no more than two consecutive weeks without ’cause’ (for example if you were sick, on vacation, having a baby, etc )
3. Demonstrated camaraderie and support for your fellow training partners (for example, actively participating in our Facebook pages, encouraging workout partners during a workout, participating in our events, helping new members feel comfortable and a part of the team).
4. Complete the web form at the bottom of this page and submit a recent photo or a before and after photo.

So why do you want to become an Ascend Fitness VIP Member?
1. You get a super cool training shirt- and no amount of money can buy you one. 

2. Get locked in at your current rate (plus secure your prime time training spots)
3. We’re going to pass on any specials or deals from our business partners to you FIRST.

But there’s one small detail… once you’re a VIP you have to continue to earn your membership by doing two little things.  You must continue to be a supportive team member and you must keep your 12 month membership current.  That’s all…  we know that you won’t miss any workouts because you’re already a lifer).